NFL news: Pacman Jones reaches plea deal from his casino arrest
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Pacman Jones reaches plea deal from his casino arrest

Pacman Jones

A measure of resolution has emerged for former NFL star Pacman Jones. A new new report reveals that a plea deal has been reached in the case stemming from his recent casino arrest.

We previously told you that Jones was arrested inside of an Indiana casino, and we also previously told you that Jones threatened to kill a police officer while he was being arrested (which went as well as one would expect these sorts of things to go).

Now, according to NBC Sports, several of the felony charges brought against Pacman Jones are being dismissed as a result of a plea agreement reached with the Indiana district attorney prosecuting the case.

On Thursday, five additional counts of felony cheating at gambling were filed against Jones, according to Ohio County Circuit Court records. Later that same day, the five counts of cheating at gambling were dismissed as part of a plea deal in Jones’ original case.

He faced charges of intimidation, battery against a public safety official, cheating at gambling, attempted theft, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and two counts of resisting law enforcement.

It’s unclear what prompted Pacman Jones to go off the way he did at the time he did, but the case is reaching a resolution.

It also bears stating that while Jones has agreed to this deal, it cannot be made official without the district attorney signing off on it, which doesn’t appear to be a problem.