NFL news: Patriots favored over Saints, Rams, Chiefs to have best record in 2019
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Patriots favored over Saints, Rams, Chiefs to have NFL’s best record in 2019


The New England Patriots may not have had the greatest offseason, losing numerous key players on both sides of the ball, but you would be crazy to count them out. is favoring the Patriots to have the best record in the NFL in 2019, placing them ahead of the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs.

New England did not finish with the league’s best mark in 2018. As a matter of fact, the Pats weren’t even close, as they won 11 games, which placed them behind the Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC. Out in the NFC, the Saints, Rams, and Chicago Bears all finished with better records.

Still, it didn’t matter in the playoffs, as the Patriots went on to defeat both the Chargers and the Chiefs on their way to beating the Rams for their sixth Super Bowl championship, with all of those titles coming since the 2001-02 campaign when Tom Brady took over as quarterback.

New England may have had more doubters than ever this past season, as many felt that Brady had finally reached “the cliff” as a result of some second-half struggles. The fact that Rob Gronkowski looked like a mere shell of his former self and that the defense was very shaky did not help matters much, either.

Nevertheless, the Pats would proceed to win their 10th straight AFC East division title, and going back even further than that, the Patriots have now won 15 of the last 16 division crowns. The only year they did not win it was in 2008, when Brady went down with a torn ACL. boasts the most extensive online sportsbook with live lines and odds on all major sporting events. Click here and use promo code CLUTCH50 for a 50% Welcome Bonus when you signup TODAY!