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President Donald Trump meeting with all major-league sports commissioners on Saturday

Donald Trump, NFL

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, NFL fans and other fans of other sports across the globe are curious as to when they’ll be able to watch their favorite teams again, and we may get an update in the near future. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with all of the major-league sports commissioners on Saturday.

Of course, the NBA and MLB have had their regular seasons affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The NBA was nearing the end of their regular season, but were forced to put the rest of their season on hold.

On the other hand, the MLB had to postpone the start of their season that was supposed to begin on March 26. Nevertheless, Adam Silver and Rob Manfred will be among the commissioners involved in the call with Trump.

Up to this point, the NFL hasn’t had its regular season affected by the coronavirus. However, the conversation that Roger Goodell has with Trump could possibly give an insight into how the NFL can go about their business.

So far, the NFL has had to cancel the annual owner meetings and prohibit teams from using their team facilities. In addition, teams were unable to conduct the typical pre-draft visits with the incoming prospects. Not to mention that the NFL had to pull the 2020 NFL Draft from Las Vegas and make the necessary changes to make sure it still takes place on time.

The NFL is planning on kicking off the 2020 season on Thursday, September 10. But if the coronavirus outbreak isn’t handled by then, the NFL could be inclined to push back the start of the season.

At the least, the conversation that is had by the commissioners and Trump on Saturday could shed some light on when sports can make a valiant return.