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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reveals his intentions about Antonio Brown

Roger Goodell, Antonio Brown

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has a laundry list of issues he will need to get to this offseason. Among the most notable are his plans for free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown has led quite the tumultuous fallout from the NFL throughout the 2019 NFL season. Goodell says he hopes they will be able to assist him, via Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk.

“We want to help get him on the right track,” Goodell said.

Antonio Brown’s bizarre year began during his brief tenure with the Oakland Raiders in the offseason that. He frequently went head-to-head with general manager Mike Mayock and it ultimately led to his eventual departure.

Brown was then picked up by the New England Patriots, however, his stint only lasted a game before he was released once again, this time due to a lawsuit that has him accused of sexual assault. He then added fuel to the fire after allegedly sending intimidating texts to one of his accusers.

Unfortunately, Brown’s downfall managed to take a turn for the worst after he was arrested for three crimes. Meanwhile, he has periodically managed to draw attention on social media for videotaping his bizarre antics off the field.

It remains to be seen whether or not Goodell will place Antonio Brown on the Commissioner Exempt list due to the sexual assault. Regardless, his intentions to help get him on the right track is certainly an encouraging sign. There is no question that Brown is struggling with some personal affairs and the onus will fall on the league to help out before it is too late.