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Roger Goodell speaks out on discipline for Myles Garrett

Browns, NFL, Roger Goodell, Myles Garrett

The comments from Thursday night’s ruckus between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers might have reached its peak now that the league’s commissioner has given his thoughts on the issue. With the suspensions to Myles Garrett, Larry Ogunjobi, and Maurkice Pouncey already being appealed Rodger Goodell spoke with Gary Myers of OTG regarding the incident.

Goodell stated that by suspending the three players physically punched and pushed one another that the league showed that their conduct was unacceptable. The commissioner went further regarding Garrett’s actions and what the star defensive end will need to do in order to be reinstated next season, “He will not play the rest of the season. He will probably meet with us some time in the offseason,”.

Garrett, who has been flagged numerous times for late/illegal hits this season, and fined on two separate occasions for those very same hits, will need to show “remorse” for his actions according to Goodell and “understand why [his actions are] not acceptable”.

With Goodell being criticized on numerous other occasions for not being tough enough on players that have dealt with off the field issues, the incident between the Browns and Steelers took place on the field and it seems like most are in agreement with the punishment handed down to Garrett so far.

In a time where player safety is more prominent and important than ever before, Goodell’s handling of this issue will be monitored closely as players have demanded that if the league is serious about the safety of their athletes, making Garrett an example is one way to make a statement.