Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian were at the same party on July 4 in the Hamptons, and while they acknowledged each other's presence, two sources told People Magazine that they barely talked to each other.

That didn't stop a rumor from circulating that the high-profile Kardashian and the NFL GOAT were dating, but it appeared to have no basis in fact.

The unnamed sources offered these assessments of the Brady-KimK interactions:

“[They] said hi briefly when she arrived at the party,” the first source said.

“Kim and Tom barely even spoke at the party and barely even said hello,” a second source added.

While that may be the official line, the report indicated that Kim appears to be interested in the recently retired quarterback. She apparently told friends that she found Brady attractive, and as the evening continued, she later admitted that she had a “crush” on Brady.

If that report is accurate, the seeds of a dating relationship may have been planted.

Previously, Brady had indicated to People that there was nothing romantic going on between the two celebrities. “They have friends and business partners in common, but are not dating,” said a source.

Tom Brady is divorced from Gisele Bündchen after a 13-year marriage. They had two children together, and Brady also had another child with actress Bridget Moynihan.

Kim Kardashian is divorced from music mogul Kanye West, and those two had 4 children during their 7-year marriage. She also recently ended a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

She said she hopes to be in love and find someone to share her life, so rumors involving her “crush” seem likely to follow.