USC quarterback Caleb Williams is one of the best NFL draft prospects in years. He’s also the first true NIL-era star QB to enter the pros. As such, teams — like the Chicago Bears at No. 1 — are worried that he wants things like an ownership stake in the team he plays for and a report now suggests he is looking to find a “loophole” in the NFL rookie wage scale that will keep his contract at a reasonable level for the next five to eight years.

Williams is entering the NFL draft without a certified agent, and Kalyn Kahler of The Athletic reports that the reason is that Williams’ team, led by his dad, Carl Williams, is looking for a way around the NFL rookie wage scale.

“Carl challenged several potential representatives to find loopholes in the collective bargaining agreement between the league and player’s union, but the answers he received were unsatisfying,” Kahler reported on Wednesday. “None could show him a way out of the four-year rookie contract term and fifth-year option for first-round picks. And when you considered the three potential years of franchise tagging, Caleb could be tied to a below-market deal for eight years.”

Caleb Williams has already earned a reported $10 million at USC thanks to the NIL rules now in place, and comes into the league with major endorsement deals with companies like Dr. Pepper, Nissan, and Wendy’s.

So, the QB is not just looking to become rich for the first time like most NFL draft prospects of years past. He’s already rich. Williams is looking for a different level of money, and in doing so, he could change the way the NFL does business.

He could also get told no by the league, which could seriously stunt his career on and off the field.

That’s what the Bears (or any team that drafts Williams) have to be concerned about as they try to navigate the first-ever NIL No. 1 pick.