The Chicago Bears have not had the ideal start to their 2023 NFL campaign. What most fans thought to be an MVP candidate in Justin Fields has blazingly started to be a disappointment. This is why a lot of speculations suggest that Matt Eberflus could be on his way out after kicking their season off with losses to the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Green Bay Packers. Another change could also come in the quarterback position if things do not work out. Tyson Bagent smells that there could be an opportunity for him.

Rumors have been suggesting that Matt Eberflus could explore other options for the Bears offense. Tyson Bagent has been at the center of all of these discussions. An important thing to note would be that there was a particular reason he the undrafted rookie stuck around despite competing offers, per Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Apparently, Bagent was signed by the Bears on a three-year contract. The only thing guaranteed was his $25,000 signing bonus and nothing much else. But, he knows that there will be an opening soon which is why he stayed with the organization.

It is still uncertain if this rumor holds water. However, Justin Fields did not look his best during their tough loss against the Chiefs. He threw an interception once during the game. The worst part of it was that he could only get 22 passes off and completed a mere 11 of them. His 99 passing yards were also not pretty to look at for Bears and NFL fans. Will these changes push through?