The North Carolina Tar Heels have landed the commitment of 5-star prospect Nassir Little. This is not only an interesting get by UNC because of the player's abilities, but due to the fact he's in the midst of being a figure in the FBI's college basketball probe.

For some context: The Miami Hurricanes decided with remove itself from consideration after the entire FBI debacle. Roy Williams, on the other hand, has been claiming his own form of ignorance over the last few days, but has since been caught by Yahoo! Sports as someone probably misleading the general public.

Furthermore, with the Tar Heels still going through the alleged academic issues, it is strange North Carolina would take on a risk of bringing in a player the FBI is reportedly targeting.

Nassir Little’s former AAU program, 1Family, is involved in the college basketball corruption scandal as well. The program’s former director, Brad Augustine, was arrested last Tuesday.

“The Little family did not ask for, nor were offered any money by any institution or individual,” 1Family’s announcement said. “They were completely unaware of any of the alleged offenses that may have mentioned or contained their son’s name. There is not a single player in our program, nor family member of any player, that had any knowledge or discussion about payments being made in regards to making a college decision.”

As for the abilities of the player himself, Little is special. The sort of prospect that can put North Carolina ahead of the pack when he hits campus next season.

That is, of course, if he's allowed to hit campus.