Saturday's clash between Ohio State football and Notre Dame football certainly lived up to the hype. Eye eyes in the college football world were on this game, and it ended up being an instant classic. After going down 10-0 in the third quarter, Notre Dame came back and ended up having the ball late with a chance to kill the clock for a 14-10 win. However, the Buckeyes got a big stop to get the ball back, and Kyle McCord led an incredible drive that ended with a touchdown on the last play of the game for the win.

Earlier this week, Lou Holtz commented on the toughness of the Ohio State football team and he predicted a big Notre Dame win. Ohio State football head coach Ryan Day was not happy about that, and he called out Holtz after the big win.

After Day's emotional speech, the Twitter world began to beat up on Holtz for his comments. Even a Michigan account called him out.

It was one thing for Holtz to predict a Notre Dame football win because of his affiliation with the program, in fact, it would have been surprising for him not to predict that. However, the comments on the physicality and toughness of the Buckeyes is what angered the team.

Lou Holtz is going to continue to hear about this one.

With the win, Ohio State is now 4-0 on the season, and the Fighting Irish fall to 4-1. If one thing was learned on Saturday, it's that both of these teams are very good this season.