Sam Hartman just finished up his last season of college football after transferring to the Notre Dame football team. He had a good year with the Fighting Irish, and now he is ready to go to the NFL. Hartman is currently at the NFL Combine, and while he is excited to be going to the league, he wishes that he could be part of the new NCAA college football video game.

After a 10 year hiatus, the EA college football video game will be coming back this summer, thanks to NIL. Unfortunately for Sam Hartman, he is leaving Notre Dame football for the NFL, so he won't be in the game. He does have some solutions that could get him in though.

“I'm just pissed because I spent six years in college, and I didn't get a piece of that,” Hartman said, according to a tweet from Brooke Pryor. “Come on. That was the only reason I went back to Notre Dame was just to get a EA and put on the gold helmet, but I hope they make some type of legacy something or a washed up college quarterback deal. That'd be dumb. An old timer league or instead of mascots, they put just old quarterbacks. I dunno.”

Take notes, EA, Sam Harman has the answers for getting former players in the game. It's certainly a bummer for Hartman that he can't play as himself while he leads Notre Dame to a national title on dynasty mode, but going to the NFL seems like a pretty good consolation prize.

The EA college football video game has a ton of hype surrounding it as it has been in the works for awhile, and it is going to be the talk of the summer in the college football world when it comes out. Sam Hartman won't be the Notre Dame QB in the game, but Fighting Irish fans will still find a way to have fun playing it. Everyone is excited for the return of the game.