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NRG unveils $10 million gaming castle

NRG Esports

You can forget about gaming houses because NRG just announced its $10 million “gaming fantasy factory.” Esports and gaming organizations are usually happy to provide modest accommodations for their players and content creators but NRG has taken the cake on providing comfort and adequate facilities. Undoubtedly, NRG has set the bar at an unbelievable height with its new facility.

The full tour of the new facility can be viewed on NRG Esports’ official YouTube channel. Fortunately for the creators under the NRG banner, the organization has spared no expense to offer up the ultimate comfort space. One key amenity is a “rage room” that features breakable objects for players to vent out their anger. The gaming castle also sported drinking fountains that offered an endless supply of energy drinks. NRG has made every gamer’s dream into a reality, unlike any esports organization before it.

Gaming houses are common in the esports and gaming industry. What NRG has created goes beyond simple gaming house conventions. It is a true testament to the scale of esports and gaming and how far they’ll go to create top-tier content.

The heart of the facility features a wide-open area full of gadgets and amenities but that’s not its only highlight. The NRG castle holds separate rooms for players and teams to get away from the open floor. These pockets of isolation can help them create content or game in peace. The Overwatch League team San Francisco Shock allegedly played some of their league matches within the facility.

Without a doubt, NRG players and streamers will have all they need to make truly great content.