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Nuggets’ Bol Bol is the next unicorn, according to trainer

Nuggets, Bol Bol

Denver Nuggets rookie Bol Bol has been turning heads in Orlando so far, as the 7-foot-2 forward’s versatility on both ends was on full display in his NBA “debut”. Bol was impressively setting up his teammates while anchoring the Nuggets defense in the team’s scrimmage on Wednesday.

Bol’s new trainer, though, is not surprised by Bol’s other-worldly skills.

Los Angeles-based trainer Julius V began running drills with Bol two-to-three times per day during the hiatus, and instantly recognized his unique potential on both ends. “He was in the gym all day,” V told the Denver Post. “What I told him…just as special and as freaky as he is on offense, he can be just as special and freaky on defense,” V said. “It’s not always about actually blocking the shot. You can alter the guy’s shot. You can make guys second-guess if they should shoot.”

Bol seemed to be swatting or affecting every Washington Wizards field goal attempt on Wednesday, from the mid-range in. He shot just 2-for-8 from three point range on Wednesday, though V says that part of his game will be on display soon, too.

In other words: get ready for the league’s next unicorn. “It’s crazy because you hear so many guys shout out unicorn and that’s exactly what he is,” V said. “Like [Dallas Mavericks’ Kristaps Porzingis]. Porzingis is the definition of a unicorn. Bol is that.”

Some prognosticators had Bol as a lottery pick, but he instead slipped to 44th in the 2019 draft due to concerns about a foot injury that limited him to playing just nine games in his only season with the Oregon Ducks. But, it’s evident that his unparalleled skill set has a chance to make him a special player—and possibly a major X-factor to Denver’s playoff push in Orlando.

“Because he plays inside and out, there’s a thing, as a player, when you play as a guard, it’s easier to guard guards, not just because of your athleticism but because of your knowledge of the position,” V said. “With him, playing on the perimeter, he has knowledge of the position.”