The Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat are currently preparing for a highly anticipated NBA Finals matchup. After dominating the regular season and most of the 2023 NBA Playoffs, the Nuggets are coming into the NBA Finals with high expectations, per Shams Charania and FanDuelTV.

“They're [the Nuggets] fully expecting to win this series…if they don't, it will for sure internally be disappointment for them. Miami is an underdog for sure, as they have been, throughout this series. Denver is fully expecting to win.”

Shams emphasizes that the Nuggets do not view the Heat as any sort of upgrade in opponent in terms of what they have already faced, and that Denver has been feeling like a team destined to win for awhile. Offseason moves made by the organization has had the Nuggets setting their sights on a ring for quite some time.

It comes as no surprise given how the Nuggets have dominated in the playoffs so far. They have three losses through three series, and are coming off of a sweep of arguably their most formidable opponent in the Los Angeles Lakers. However, they will be facing a Heat team that has proven that no odds can be stacked too high against them.

It is certainly going to be an exciting series if the both teams play up to their accustomed caliber of play. With how consistent the Nuggets have been, it can be expected they will be playing like the team NBA fans have seen this postseason. This is a big reason why they have so much confidence going into the NBA Finals.