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Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. picks all-time NBA Top 5 that will upset Lakers fans

Nuggets, Lakers, Michael Porter Jr., LeBron James

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr has been enjoying his offseason but after his recent comments regarding his top 5 players of all-time, he will surely have a lot of backlash from the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase.

In a recent Instagram live video, the Nuggets forward was first asked who he will choose between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, he answered:

MJ, that’s the G.O.A.T

Porter was then asked who would be there in his top 5 players on his all-time list.

Mike, Kobe’s in there, LeBron’s in there, and this is so crazy that I would get a lot of hate for this but I gotta put KD on there.

Like if you put KD back then like all of these dudes in this era, I think players have gotten better.

So I’m putting KD in there and I’m putting Steph (Curry) on there.

Like I love Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, all them dudes, I just think if you put players from this age back then that they would dominate on a different level.

It’s getting better and better. Players are getting better and better.

The Nuggets forward will certainly get a lot of heat not just from the fans of the Lakers but a lot of people as they usually think Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird,  and even Wilt Chamberlain are well deserving of a spot on each one’s top 5 greatest of all-time.

Porter also has a series of controversial comments as the Nuggets forward posted on his Snapchat that the Covid-19 outbreak is just for a bigger agenda to control people.