The Denver Nuggets suffered another heavy defeat on Wednesday night at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans, 123-114. It was the second-straight game where the Nuggets gave up over 120 points.

Nuggets coach Mike Malone was understandably upset with his team’s continued struggles on the defensive end of the court and dropped a sizeable hint of a possible lineup change in order to find solutions to their glaring problem.

Per Gina Mizell of the Denver Post:

Nuggets coach Michael Malone: If the defense doesn't improve, “the same thing is going to keep happening. I’m not gonna play the same guys over and over…it’s not in my nature. I’m not gonna sit there and watch that much longer, I’ll tell you that much.”

The Nuggets had made some defensive improvement earlier this season, in large part thanks to the addition of veteran Paul Millsap. However, they once again struggled almost immediately after Millsap went down with his wrist injury.

Malone has been unafraid to shake up his rotations during the course of his Nuggets tenure. With Millsap still some time away from returning, he’ll just have to find some combination on his roster that can at least minimize their issues on that end of the floor.