The tension in the air was pretty thick during the game between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets on Monday night. You could cut it with a still-unwashed turkey knife.

When the smoke cleared, no rematch between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris happened. Jokic's brothers also behaved, probably to the dismay of fight-thirsty fans. It was just good old basketball as the Nuggets hacked out a 120-111 win over the Heat.

Jokic, who returned from a wrist injury, finished with 24 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists to help the Nuggets improve to 10-10. He was heavily booed by Heat fans who are still salty about what he did to Morris a few weeks ago. When asked about it after the game, the reigning MVP easily shrugged it off (via ESPN).

“I played in Serbia, brother.”

Truly, Serbia and other countries in Europe have some of the rowdiest fans. The NBA would look like a private school for little girls. So Jokic isn't exactly new to angry fans.

The Nuggets big man also seems to have moved on from the incident with Morris.

“That's behind us. We need to move on to the future. We won the game and that's the most important thing.”

With Michael Porter Jr. already out for the season due to his back injury, Nikola Jokic will need to carry an even heavier load for the Nuggets. He has always been a player with an even-keeled nature, so no amount of boos can distract him from leading his squad.