The Denver Nuggets were without superstar big man Nikola Jokic against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday. While the Nuggets fared somewhat well, his absence was still palpable.

Jokic was able to return to the lineup against the Portland Trailblazers on Friday. In his return, Jokic ended up having a massive game, notching another triple-double en route to 27 points, 22 rebounds and 12 assists. This marked Jokic's 120th career regular season triple-double. While the Trailblazers didn't go away easy all night, the Nuggets were able to hold them off and get the 120-108 victory.

Postgame, Nuggets head coach Michael Malone made sure to remind everyone just how lucky the city of Denver is to have Jokic.

“Think about what life was like before Nikola got here,” Malone said. “I think people don't do that. ‘Nine years now, well it's always been like that,' no it wasn't. No it wasn't. Don't do that. Don't lie to yourself. What Nikola's done is historical in nature. It's amazing, that's why he's two-time MVP, he's a world champion and Finals MVP. Every night his ability to be great for himself, but more importantly his ability to make everyone around him better. And that truly is the definition of greatness.”

Nikola Jokic has moved up to first place on's MVP ladder. Following closely behind him are Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Joel Embiid. Should Jokic continue racking up triple-doubles and posting historic numbers, he could find himself earning his third MVP award in four years, a historic feat last accomplished by LeBron James in 2012-13.