After making his way out to the NXT No Mercy ring wearing Ghost Rider-inspired gear and riding a motorcycle like vintage Undertaker – except his American Bada** looked a lot more like an American Bumba** – Baron Corbin found himself immediately thrust into action by Bron Breakker, who laid out the one-time SmackDown Superstar with a top rope front flip and taken to task by the second-generation Steiner on the outside.

Brawling around the ring as the 4,500 fans booed on the Baron, a stark contrast from his match at The Great American Bash against Gable Steveson, Breakker did everything to live up to his chosen moniker, hitting Corbin with his Goldberg-inspired moveset as the match transitions from the crowd to the ring.

While Corbin was able to field a bit of a comeback, getting a pair of two-counts, including one off of a very cool Deep Six, the match wouldn't come down to who hit the best maneuver or who had the cleanest combo. No, this match was a war of attrition, with the conditioning of both men tested as the match soldiered on; if someone was going to pull out the win, they would need something big to break their way.

Fortunately for Corbin, that happened in the form of Mr. Robert Stone, who attempted to splash the Mr. Meaner Than Evil but was instead launched into the crowd, but not before he could watch on happily as the one-time King hit his foe with the End Of Days, and secured the pin 1-2-3.

Should Breakker have secured the win at No Mercy? Yes, but hey, if the goal is a big blowout between Von Wagner and Breakker, the heat is most certainly on.