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Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield won’t attend the NFL Draft

Baker Mayfield, Browns

After working basically their entire lives to become good enough to be selected to play in the NFL, one would think not attending the draft would be the last thing a potential NFL first-round pick would do. But it appears that is what 2017 Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield planning to do.

The former Oklahoma Sooners star quarterback was in Fort Worth Recently to pick up a different award (the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award). While being interviewed by Newy Scruggs of DFW’s NBC5, he shared his plans for the 2018 NFL Draft: He’s staying home with his family.

It is not hard to understand wanting to be with family during such an event. That’s what last year’s No. 1 pick, Myles Garrett wanted, as did Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook.

But you see guys at tables with Mom and Dad as they get the call all the time. So, it is not like they couldn’t be in the Green Room with him prior to him getting selected—and he’s from Austin. The draft is in Arlington. They wouldn’t even need to get a hotel if they didn’t want to.

After the journey he took through college, you’d think he’d want to soak up every moment of the process. You’d think he’d want to enjoy the fruits of his labors before it becomes time to get back to work.

Or maybe he’s afraid that he may have an experience similar to Aaron Rodgers back in 2005. Coming out of Cal, Rodgers was expected to be taken pretty early in the Draft. But he ended being the last person out of the Green Room when the Packers selected him with the 24th pick.

baker mayfield

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With his notoriety, he’d get the same treatment Rodgers received back then if he started to fall. Maybe all the comparisons to Johnny Manziel in the media and concern about his height, have gotten to him. Perhaps he’s not confident someone will take him as early as the mock drafts predict (many think he’ll go to Miami with the No. 11 pick).

Who knows– but it’s his right to enjoy the draft however he sees fit. If he doesn’t want to walk across the stage and shake Roger Goodell’s hand, he doesn’t have to.