Trevor Bauer wants to pitch in MLB during the 2024 season. Bauer, who is currently a free agent, spent the 2023 season pitching in Japan but is ready to return to the big leagues. And one team he thinks would be a “great match” is the Baltimore Orioles.

Bauer was asked by a fan on X (formerly Twitter) about his thoughts on potentially playing for the O's. The 2020 NL Cy Young winner gave an honest response to the fan.

“I think it makes a lot of sense for the team and I’d love to play there. Great match,” Bauer wrote.

Bauer makes sense for a lot of teams purely from a baseball perspective. He's willing to accept a low salary to play in 2024 as well. The question is whether or not teams will be willing to deal with the added media attention from signing Bauer.

Whether you love Bauer or you can't stand him, he is indeed a controversial player. Teams are weighing the pros and cons of signing the pitcher at the moment, and Bauer still hasn't found an MLB home with spring training right around the corner.

Trevor Bauer wants a chance

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Trevor Bauer (27) looks on after giving up a home run to San Diego Padres catcher Victor Caratini (not pictured) during the seventh inning at Petco Park
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In his message on X, Bauer said he'd “love” to join the Orioles. At this point, Bauer would probably be open to pitching for most teams though. He wants to receive the opportunity to show that he can still pitch at the MLB level while helping a team win.

Bauer addressed his current situation during a podcast with Theo Von, via Theo Von Clips on YouTube.

“I'd love to (pitch in MLB again),” Bauer said. “That's the goal. I'd like to play in MLB. I'm looking for a contract. Yeah, I've been training the whole time… This has been one of the most difficult things, when baseball is taken away what do I fall back on? So I just fell back on training. I've improved since people last saw me.”

Trevor Bauer then made a claim that will unquestionably catch teams' attention.

“I'm still one of the best pitchers in the world,” Bauer stated. “I'd love to prove that. Obviously, I realize there's a lot of other considerations besides talent at this point.”

It will be interesting to see if Trevor Bauer receives another opportunity at the MLB level.