Will Smith has always been a magnet for publicity in most of the things he does. From the movies he has done to the countless memes flooding everyone's newsfeed, it's no secret that the actor definitely captures every room he steps in. Well, on Sunday night, Smith managed to do just that during the Oscars when he punched Chris Rock out of nowhere.

In a video that just hit Twitter, Rock was seen making a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith, the Men In Black star's wife for 25 years during the Oscars. Rock said he was excited for G.I. Jane 2 because of Pinkett-Smith's bald hairstyle, a reference to the movie wherein the veteran actress played a female soldier. The shot then shifted to Pinkett-Smith, who was visibly irked at the joke, and Smith laughing at it.

Rock then played along with the crowd, who were laughing at that point, and said that the joke was a nice one. All of a sudden, Smith walks up to the stage and lands a right hook on the comedian's face. While the actor was walking away, all Rock can say was “Oh wow.”

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As Smith was returning to his seat, Rock knew that the show must go on. The actor, for his part, yelled at the comedian by saying to “keep his wife's name out of his mouth.” The attention then shifted back to Rock, who said this was the greatest night in the history of television and went on to show the list of nominees for the Best Documentary.

No one really knows whether the whole thing between Smith and Rock was staged or not. But at this point, one can say that this truly was a shocking turn of events during the 94th Academy Awards. Without a doubt, this Will Smith-Chris Rock debacle over Jada Pinkett-Smith will be debated endlessly over the following days.