Blizzard recently announced Overwatch 2's Thanksgiving celebration, which includes a Black Friday Sale, some Twitch Drops, double match XP, and free highlight intros.

Overwatch 2's Thanksgiving celebration happens over the course of a week, with various rewards and freebies. For starters, players can receive two highlight intros just by logging in to the game. Logging in between November 22 to November 27, 2022, unlocks the “Five Fingers” highlight intro for Junker Queen. Meanwhile, logging in between November 27 to December 2, 2022, unlocks the “On the Wind” highlight intro for Kiriko.

Other than that, players can also get up to two in-game itmes from watching Twitch content creators. Watching three hours of Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch gives players the Lion's Pride Mug souvenir. Watching an additional two hours, for a total of five hours, rewards you with the Mitzi Weapon Charm. The Twitch drops run until November 30, 2022, so make sure to get them before they're gone.

There is also a Black Friday Sale ongoing in Overwatch 2. Players can save 40% on the Watchpoint Pack, bringing its price down to $23.99 from $39.99. This pack includes the Season 1 Premium Battlepass, 2000 Overwatch Coins, and the following skins:

  • Fool Junkrat Skin
  • Valkyrie Mercy Skin
  • Mystery Man Cassidy Skin
  • Okami Hanzo Skin
  • Officer D.Va Skin
  • Blackwatch Reyes Reaper Skin
  • Overgrown Bastion Skin
  • Security Chief Pharah Skin
  • Slipstream Tracer Skin
  • Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76 Skin
  • Space Raider Soldier: 76 Skin
  • Space Raider Cassidy Skin
  • Carbon Fiber Genji Skin
  • Pale Moira Skin
  • Paragon Reinhardt Skin
  • Shrike Ana Skin
  • Winter Widowmaker Skin

Other than that, players can also get four discounted bundles:

  • Mime Moira Bundle (3200 Overwatch Coins 1700 Overwatch Coins)
    • Mime Moira Skin
    • Rope Pull Emote
    • Mime Glove Weapon Charm
    • Mime Spray
  • Constable Tracer Bundle (1800 Overwatch Coins 1000 Overwatch Coins)
    • Constable Tracer Skin
    • Police Badge Weapon Charm
    • Constable Spray
  • Mobster Junkrat Bundle (1500 Overwatch Coins 800 Overwatch Coins)
    • Mobster Junkrat Skin
    • Pachimobi Souvenir
  • Hacker Bundle (1200 Overwatch Coins 700 Overwatch Coins
    • Hacked Skull Souvenir
    • Hacker's Cube Weapon Charm

There are also four other skins for Roadhog, Baptiste, Soldier: 76, and D.Va, but they are not discounted.

Finally, the final Double XP weekend for Season 1 runs from November 24 to November 28, 2022. Players who want to grind out their battle pass should make use of this weekend to get more rewards.

That's all for the Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving celebration, and all the drops, intros, and sales you can get. For more gaming news from us, click here.