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Paul George leaves heartfelt Instagram words for newly retired David West

Paul George, David West

Shortly after David West’s retirement announcement on Thursday morning, teammate Paul George showed the big man some love over Instagram with some heartfelt words about their time together as members of the Indiana Pacers.

“Thanks for laying out the blueprint! Thanks for leading the way! Thanks for showing me how to compete!,” wrote George, who was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder on 2017, recently re-signing this summer. “Thanks for giving everything you had on a nightly basis! Thanks for playing for the man next to you! Thanks for teaching! When the things we’re going right, thanks for keeping us collected! As a friend, teammate, lil bro thanks for giving the game your heart! Congrats on a hell of a career champ enjoy LIFE! @realdwest30 “

West had an exemplary career during his first 13 seasons, but opted to chase some championships at the end of his career, taking a deep discount by signing with the San Antonio Spurs and then with the Golden State Warriors after coming up empty in his first attempt.

The Xavier product took up contracts for the veteran’s minimum in his last three seasons, the last two yielding two titles, allowing him to walk into the sunset as a two-time NBA champion.

George and West formed a dynamic frontcourt pairing with the Pacers, a mix of exuberant youth and veteran savvy. West’s mid-range artistry was — in its heyday — the desired tool for the modern day power forward, one which eventually evolved into the 3-point shot over the course of the years.

West, regardless, remained true to his love for 15-to-18-footers, considering 3s “fool’s gold,” as he told his former partner Chris Paul through numerous occasions early in his career.