Packers news: Aaron Rodgers' admission about his future with Green Bay
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Aaron Rodgers makes surprising admission about his future with Packers

Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love, Packers

The Green Bay Packers have one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football on their roster at the moment. Aaron Rodgers has been with the team since they drafted him back in 2005. And he’s been their starter since 2008.

However, that time may be coming to an end soon. The writing appears to be on the wall. Rodgers is 36 and the team just traded up in the first round to draft another quarterback (Jordan Love).

Love appears to be their plan to replace Rodgers.

At the same time though, some people are unsure. Rodgers could easily still be the quarterback for the next 3-4 years before Green Bay hands the keys over to Love.

But what does Rodgers think about all this? Maybe he sees everything playing out in a completely different way than anyone’s even imagined yet.

Well, according to his interview with Kyle Brandt of, Rodgers made a surprising admission about his future with the Packers.

When asked about whether the Packers would move on from him or choose to simply not play their first-round draft pick, Aaron Rodgers made it clear which scenario he expected:

“I think probably the first. The former. I think that’s probably what happens. Based on just the circumstances around everything. Just look at the facts. They traded up, they drafted him. I would say they like him, they want to play him.

It’s a different environment. In 2005, my first year we were 4-12. Second year, we were 8-8. There wasn’t a clamoring to play me because it was normal for young guys to sit. In the third year, ’07, we go 13-3. We’re one play—we’re overtime in the NFC championship playing at home against the Giants—from going to the Super Bowl. Different scenario now, I think, quarterbacks are playing earlier. It gives some latitude for young coaches and GMs to play their guys.

And I get it, I really do. I don’t harbor any ill will about it. Was I bummed out? Of course. Who wouldn’t be? I wanted to play my entire career in Green Bay. I love the city. I grew up there, really. I got there when I was 21, I’m 36 now. You know, a lot changes during that time. But look, I get it. I see it completely clearly and I’m not bitter about it. It just kind of is what it is.””

So, Aaron Rodgers does not seem to be mad at the Packers. Yes, he’s upset, but he’s not angry with them.

The quarterback understands that they like Love as a quarterback and maybe felt like now was the time for a change.

However, he also admits something in his words. He never expressly says it, but it’s right in front of us. Aaron Rodgers is not going to finish his career in Green Bay.

There’s absolutely still a chance he does, but “I wanted to play my entire career in Green Bay” was a pretty telling line.

Rodgers is still just 36, his career could still have more than five years left on it. So if the Packers are planning on switching to Love at some point, that means Rodgers would need to find a new home.

New England Patriots’ fans have to get used to Tom Brady in a different jersey in 2020. Maybe Packers’ fans will be doing the same with Rodgers within the next few years.