Aaron Rodgers‘ tenure with the Green Bay Packers is officially over, but the process in which it came to an end was rather rocky. While Rodgers getting traded to the New York Jets this offseason is crazy enough, it was perhaps even more wild to note that Rodgers reportedly issued an ultimatum to the Packers back in 2021 that would either see him get traded, or result in general manager Brian Gutekunst getting fired.

Of course, neither of those things ended up happening, as Rodgers played two more seasons with the Packers before finding his way to the Jets. But given the information we know now, why did Rodgers end up deciding to play out the 2021 season even though his ultimatum wasn't met? Rodgers recently explained his thought process on this crazy situation that took place with Green Bay two years ago.

“I was under contract, for one, so definitely wasn’t gonna hold out and let them fine me. There were a lot of things that I was hoping were gonna change, and they made some promises about things they were gonna try and do better. But I just felt like coming back, have a good season, move forward and just not focus on some of those things that I really felt strongly about but that may or may not actually ever get done.” – Aaron Rodgers, The Athletic

Rodgers quickly realized that his demands would not be met, and opted to suck it up and play through the season with the Packers. Of course, Rodgers was phenomenal for Green Bay, as he ended up winning his second-straight MVP award with them that season. However, this shows that Rodgers and the Packers divorce had been a long time coming, even if the star quarterback opted to stick around for two more tumultuous seasons with the team.