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Alex Smith blasts Packers for handling of Aaron Rodgers situation

Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith

The Green Bay Packers ongoing dilemma with Aaron Rodgers has yet to reach its conclusion one way or another. Many have stated their own thoughts on the matter in an effort to determine who is right, who is wrong, or if the blame lands somewhere in the middle.

Alex Smith, a now former NFL quarterback who was part of the 2005 draft class with Rodgers, chimed in on the matter when appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday.

Smith’s direct quote was a lot more in-depth than the caption on the tweet as he defended the Packers quarterback.

“You’re thinking you’re a move away from the Super Bowl and then you’re blindsided with the pick,” Smith said, referring to the fact the Packers were in the 2019 NFC Championship Game. “I just don’t understand how the organization…how you haven’t addressed that beforehand when you make a move like that and really make sure that everything is tightened up and everybody’s feeling good about that.” – Alex Smith on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Smith went on to note the Packers quarterback 16 years with the organization and how it deserves more respect than what Rodgers has been given by the front office.

“It’s just not the way you run a business. It’s not the way you treat people. Sixteen years this guy has been there and you were on the doorstep of the Super Bowl and you don’t go out of your way to communicate that, to show that, ‘Hey, you’re wanted.’ You don’t make sure that everybody’s on the same page and feeling good about that? You know, that’s not just football. It’s any business or team.” – Alex Smith on The Herd.

Rodgers was absent from Packers OTAs which was the expected move as no ground has been made one way or another on his future with Green Bay. One thing is for sure, Alex Smith see’s things from Rodgers’ perspective.