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Packers WR Davante Adams unsure when he’ll return from ‘major injury’

Davante Adams

Injuries are a very significant part of the game, unfortunately. And someone that is dealing with this in the worst way possible is Packers receiver Davante Adams. He’s dealing with severe pain from his turf toe injury that currently has no timetable to its full recovery.

Adams is unsure of when he’ll return from this “major injury,” and it’s unlikely they will get a proper understanding of when anytime soon.

“We’re just really trying to pace it at this point,” Adams said per Jim Owczarski of the Journal Sentinel. “I can’t really tell you when I’m going to play. It doesn’t feel how I want it to feel at the moment, but we definitely have time, so we’ll just kind of play this thing (out), and I know Mr. (Matt) LaFleur will definitely be able to take care of any other questions regarding that.”

Adams is still unable to get a solid plant with his foot or change direction without too much pain happening.

“There’s things I can do, but we’ll keep a lot of that in house right now. I can move around on it, but me moving around on it and feeling like it’s feeling better that day or not in pain just sitting there is a lot different than having to break tackles and cut and release and things like that.”

Surgery is not necessary, but he isn’t trying to rush back anytime soon with this injury. He’s listening to his doctors and won’t force himself to play through the pain and possibly make things worse.