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Packers WR Davante Adams speaks out on matchup vs. Jalen Ramsey, Rams

Green bay Packers, Davante Adams, Los Angeles Rams, Jalen Ramsey

The Green Bay Packers’ upcoming clash with the Los Angeles Rams will have a multitude of intriguing storylines to watch, including the possible duel between wide receiver Davante Adams and cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

As expected, the two have been among the more potent players at their respective positions so far in the campaign. Adams ranks in the top five this season in both receptions (72) and receiving yards (979). On the other hand, Ramsey has continued to showcase his stout prowess in being one of the more physical cornerbacks in the NFL today thanks to his 66.1 passer rating allowed while in coverage as the nearest defender.

Even as there are plenty of expectations for the two to face off in Week 12, Adams does not necessarily view this upcoming matchup from this perspective, which he opened up about during a press conference ahead of the contest.

“I plan on having something special every week for whoever we’re playing,” Adams said. “I’m not really looking at it as the heavyweight bout that everybody did last year. In that game, we had a limited amount of opportunities where we were able to go one-on-one. Obviously, we move around a lot, so that’s part of it. And their idea of stopping me definitely isn’t just to go one-on-one, clearly.

“So whatever it is, it’s all of us versus their defense. It’s not going to be the Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey show. I would love if that is the way it was, but that’s just not the way defenses have shown they’re going to play us.”

As Adams touched on, his last encounter with Ramsey came in last season’s NFC divisional round. The Packers secured a 32-18 home playoff win against the Rams, as Ramsey allowed a 144.4 passer rating and one touchdown while in coverage. Adams was on the receiving end of that one touchdown, which saw Ramsey in clear frustration with his Rams teammates after the play.

Adams hopes to see a repeat of this in Week 12.

“That’s definitely what you want,” Adams said. “You want to see guys turn on each other or not communicate in situations like that.”

A win for the Packers over the Rams is needed if they aspire to maintain their current spot as the No. 2 seed in the NFC.