After 30 years of meticulous equipment management for the Green Bay Packers and other professional sports teams, Gordon “Red” Batty is retiring. The Packers announced his decision Thursday after half a century in the field.

“On behalf of the Packers, I want to thank Red for all of his hard work and dedication to the organization,” said a grateful Russ Ball, Packers' Executive VP and Director of Football Operations, via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein.

“With his vast knowledge in his field and immense pride in his work, he kept the players and staff well taken care of both on and off the field. We wish him and his family the very best in the future.”

Batty was a familiar face in the Packers locker room, ensuring it remained immaculate along with his team. However, his most significant contributions were often unseen. He meticulously handled all aspects of equipment, uniforms, and practice gear.

Gordon Batty's work ethic

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His discreet yet purposeful movements on the sideline during games and on the field during practices reflected his numerous responsibilities.

The Houston Oilers brought him on board in 1981 when he was just 22, making him possibly the youngest equipment manager in the NFL at the time.

During his tenure in Houston, he crossed paths with future Packers executives Ted Thompson and Mike Reinfeldt, who were players for the Oilers before transitioning into management roles.

When Reinfeldt joined in '91 and Thompson followed suit the next year, Batty's name emerged as a candidate when new general manager Ron Wolf sought to modernize the equipment room.

In a 2011 interview with the National Post, a Canadian publication circulated widely in major provinces, Batty mentioned that he believed Thompson had recommended him to Wolf, kick-starting the process.

During his 30-year tenure with the Packers, Green Bay clinched playoff berths 22 times, secured 15 division titles, three NFC championships, and appeared in Super Bowls XXXI and XLV. Batty's role involved working closely with legendary quarterbacks such as Warren Moon, Archie Manning, Ken Stabler, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers.

Batty, an ardent NHL fan and recreational hockey player, also contributed his expertise to the 2006 Olympics with the Canadian national team and various Winter Classic and Stadium Series outdoor games.

The equipment manager according to Gordon Batty

According to Batty, effective equipment management relies on three key elements.

“First, you’ve got to be able to have good communication skills,” Gordon Batty said.

“Second, you’ve got to be extremely organized. I get that from my five sisters. They never let me step out of line in terms of keeping my room clean, being organized and it had to be that way with so many people running around each morning.”

“Third, you’ve got to be always thinking ahead. You must anticipate the next move,” he concluded.

Originally from Montreal, Batty began his career as an equipment assistant with the Montreal Alouettes in 1974. He later became the equipment manager for the Houston Oilers in 1981 before joining the Packers in 1994. Batty has earned championship rings for both the Grey Cup and the Super Bowl.