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RUMOR: Packers considered picking QB in 2021 NFL Draft amid Aaron Rodgers drama

Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Matt LaFleur, Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers are in the midst of quite a dilemma involving superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who for himself, appears to already have one foot outside the door. There has been a ton of rumors circling around pertaining to the league MVP’s status with the Packers, and at this point, it looks like Green Bay is ready to move on.

According to NFL insider Tyler Dunn, the Packers actually seriously considered selecting a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft as a potential replacement for Rodgers (h/t B/R Gridiron):

Apparently, Green Bay already knew heading into the draft that Rodgers was about to drop a bombshell on them. As such, they had to keep their options open:

“They were looking at these quarterbacks in this draft,” Dunn said. “One Day 2 guy that I know for sure, with the GM in on that meeting… It seemed like kinda serious interest. Now we know in retrospect that they were preparing for this nuclear explosion from Aaron Rodgers.”

Dunn also went on to explain why he believes that moving Rodgers wouldn’t be too bad of an idea for the Packers at this point. The three-time All-Pro QB is clearly unhappy in Green Bay despite the team’s effort to do everything in their power to keep him satisfied. Rodgers, 37, just won his third MVP and his value is probably never going to be as high as it is today.

Parting ways with one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but as Dunn points out, what Green Bay could potentially get in return will certainly soften the blow. At the end of the day, you also have to consider that it’s really going to be tough for the Packers to convince Rodgers to say considering how it seems that he’s already made up his mind about leaving.