Patrick Patterson appears to criticize NBA for fine on Joel Embiid
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Patrick Patterson appears to criticize NBA for fine on Joel Embiid

Patrick Patterson

Joel Embiid is no stranger to garnering much attention due to his social media activities. From hilarious tweets to videos showing his unique ways, Embiid had always involved his fans in his personal life. He recently caught the attention of many when he posted an NSFW message on his Instagram account directed at LaVar Ball, which the league office did not take lightly.

As such, the Philadelphia 76ers center was at the receiving end of a $10,000 fine for the inappropriate language he used in his post. However, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s new forward, Patrick Patterson, took to his Twitter account to give his thoughts on something that most people interpret as the sanction slapped on Embiid.

Patterson may disagree with the decision, but he also needs to understand the NBA’s take as they see players being role models, especially to the youth. Many of their followers are from the younger generation, and their words and actions should be worthy of being replicated by them.

The league has been strict in the past over criticisms made against their personnel and rules in place. With Patterson’s latest rant, it remains to be seen if the NBA will just let it slide, or if he will receive a sanction for it as well. But then again, it’s not as explicit as it needs to be.