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Cris Carter thinks Colin Kaepernick will be the QB to replace Tom Brady for New England Patriots

Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick, Patriots

Cris Carter has come out in support of Colin Kaepernick, and said that the former 49ers quarterback can be the heir apparent to Tom Brady.

TMZ Sports spoke to the football legend, who made clear that Robert Kraft, and the rest of the Patriots brass, is “very, very fond” of the Nike spokesman.

“I know that the Krafts’ are very, very fond of Colin Kaepernick. I’m just saying outside the box, if someone will do it, it will be the people in New England.”

While both Robert Kraft and current Patriots quarterback Tom Brady are vociferous Trump supporters, they claim not to support his stance when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. Both have said that the President was being “divisive” when he said that Kaep and other NFL players who take a knee in support of Black Lives Matter were “horrible.”

Despite the fact that the Patriots have taken home their sixth Super Bowl win, Carter says that the organization is “in trouble,” and that they need to look for Brady’s replacement before the situation reaches critical mass.

Kaepernick, for his part, hasn’t been on the football field since 2016, when he claimed that the NFL had him blacklisted for his strong stance against police brutality. For what it’s worth, the NFL denies Colin Kaepernick’s claims and says that he hasn’t been back on the field because he isn’t as good of a player that he thinks he is. However, Kaep’s old coach, Chip Kelly, doesn’t believe that categorization and says that Colin Kaepernick is “good to go” on the field.