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Patriots’ Devin McCourty counters critics after Tom Brady’s departure

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The New England Patriots’ Devin McCourty isn’t sweating life after Tom Brady.

The Patriots will play their first season without Brady in more than 20 years when the 2020 season begins. While Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history, McCourty is stressing that New England’s goal isn’t changing.

In fact, McCourty still plans to head into next season with the idea of winning as many games as possible. The 32-year-old stated the following during a conference call with Patriots reporters.

“I think my goal is always to win as many games as possible,” the veteran safety said Tuesday in a conference call with New England reporters. “I don’t think you ever come into the season and talk, ‘Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl.’ It’s about improving and winning games along the way as you improve. I think that will stay the same. Especially now, you have a lot of time to be on Twitter and stuff, so a lot of what I’ve seen is just people tweeting me like, ‘Enjoy what you guys had, it’s over, you guys won’t win a game.’”

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While McCourty disagrees with fans’ perspective on the situation, he does understand where they’re coming from. That would be because Brady has led the Patriots during their entire run of six Super Bowls over the past 19 years. It’s hard for fans to fathom New England continuing those winning ways without their franchise quarterback.
“I think that’s natural, though, said McCourty.”. “I think if I was a fan and I watched the team and watched a guy for a long time and he left and he was so great, I would say that team is going to be terrible, too. That’s expected. But I think it’s our job as players to go out there and compete when we get the opportunity. I think, for us as a team, in my 10 years there, that’s always going to be the thinking.”
The Patriots haven’t had a losing season since 2000. That was the year before Brady became the team’s starting QB. Although Brady is no longer around, the goal remains the same in New England — just win.