Devin McCourty may have just retired from the NFL after an illustrious 13-year career with the New England Patriots, but it doesn't look like he will be straying too far from the team as the preseason rolls around. McCourty and his twin brother, Jason, have teamed up and will be partaking in their own “TwinCast” for the Patriots upcoming slate of preseason games.

Jason, who retired a year before Devin did, immediately found himself a spot in the world of sports media, and it seems like his brother will be following in his footsteps. The pairs' “TwinCast” will be similar to Peyton and Eli Manning's “ManningCast” that airs on ESPN during Monday Night Football contests, and could conceivably be a regular season viewing option for fans if it's a success during preseason.

While Devin McCourty is more commonly associated with the Patriots, Jason also spent three seasons in New England, playing a massive role in the team winning Super Bowl 53 over the Los Angeles Rams. The McCourty's are beloved by Pats fans for their contributions to the second half of the franchise's multi-decade dynasty, so chances are this broadcast will be a hit.

It is worth noting that there's nothing here indicating the “TwinCast” will be a regular feature throughout the 2023 campaign, but that could change if the broadcast ends up being a hit among fans. The McCourty twins are still two of the most popular people in New England, and their new “TwinCast” may bring some added excitement to New England's upcoming preseason contests.