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Report: Patriots re-sign punter Ryan Allen

Ryan Allen

Punters are people too. The New England Patriots let that be known by re-signing their own punter Ryan Allen today.

This news comes according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The money involved has not been disclosed yet but the Patriots punter will be back in 2019—on a one-year deal.

Allen has been the punter for New England since 2013 and is key to the teams’ special teams. The punter has played in all 96 games the past six seasons with the Patriots.

You know Allen is important to the organization when he becomes the first punter to get a second contract in the Bill Belichick era.

Over his six seasons, Allen has averaged 45.3 yards per punt in his career. He’s only had two punts blocked in six years and has never punted more than 76 times in a season.

In 2018, Allen punted it 64 times and averaged 45.1 yards per punt. He also was able to punt it inside the 20-yard line 21 times as well.

Not many people talk about punters but they serve an important purpose in the NFL. Having a punter who can give the opposing team bad field position is very crucial to winning.

When you are playing a team like the Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Rams, of course, you’d rather have them begin their drives inside the 20 instead of midfield.

I’ll never question any moves that Belichick makes and obviously, he sees Allen as someone he’d like to keep around.

Allen figures to start all of 2019 as he has in the other six years in his career.