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Patriots’ Nick Caserio may very well want out of New England

Nick Caserio, Patriots

When the Houston Texans agreed to stop pursuing Nick Caserio after the New England Patriots filed tampering charges it seemed like the story was over. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, it’s actually just the start of the story, and Caserio wants out of New England.

According to Volin, even though it was a lateral move going to Houston, it is a job that Caserio wanted, and the Patriots blocked it by enforcing a clause in his contract and filing tampering charges.

Caserio’s deal runs through 2020, and the Patriots are going to make him stay with the team until the deal ends.

And now we see that Caserio wants out, too. If Caserio wanted to stay in New England, he would have just turned down the Texans’ overtures. Instead, the Patriots had to lawyer up to enforce Caserio’s contract.

This marks the second straight year that the Patriots have had to block Caserio from interviewing with the Texans. Last year, they also blocked college scouting director Monti Ossenfort from interviewing for the same job. I have been told he wasn’t too happy about it.

This might be a story that is being blown out of proportion, but it sure is interesting that the second highest guy in the Patriots front office wants to leave. Caserio has been in New England since 2001 and has raised his family in the area.

It’s unclear what happened to make sure Caserio want to leave, but this is a story that you should keep a very close eye on.