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Patriots’ N’Keal Harry won’t play vs. Ravens

N'Keal Harry, Patriots

A lot of excitement suddenly draped over the New England Patriots fanbase when rookie N’Keal Harry was activated and added to the Pats’ 53-man roster. However, his debut won’t be against the Baltimore Ravens as the team doesn’t have any plans playing him just yet.

Ian Rapoport reported that the rookie will still have to make some more reps in practice before he can convince Bill Belichick to field him in a game situation.

The wideout, who was the final pick of the first round, wasn’t able to play during the first half of the season since he suffered an injury during the preseason. He missed much of training camp and wasn’t able to play a single snap of football.

However, the rookie wideout is so good at receiving the football during his three years at Arizona State that it convinced Belichick to draft him. In his three years with the Sun Devils, he managed to post 2,889 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns.

Moreover, a spot opened up for the team ever since Josh Gordon was released. Without Flash taking up space on the roster, Harry now has all the space he needs to grow under Belichick’s tried-and-tested system.

However, Tom Brady himself said he has to prove that he belongs. TB12 doesn’t know if he can immediately contribute since he’s been injured for so long, but he explained that’s what he’s being paid to do.

“It’s tough to project that,” Brady said. “You guys can project that. I’m not supposed to be projecting. … If he’s active and he gets the opportunity, you’ve got to make the plays.”

Fortunately for Harry and the rest of the Pats fans, there is still more football left for him to showcase what he’s got.