Patriots news: Tom Brady is already eyeing seventh Super Bowl title
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Patriots QB Tom Brady is already eyeing seventh Super Bowl title

Tom Brady, Patriots

The New England Patriots are once again Super Bowl champions, with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady at the forefront of yet another successful season. The Patriots have now won two of the last three Super Bowls, underlining the fact that the New England football dynasty is very much alive.

However, it appears as though the Patriots’ dynasty is far from over with the 41-year-old Brady planning to play at least a few more seasons. With that being said, Brady is known as a true competitor and will likely go out swinging whenever it is finally his time to hang it up.

As a result, Brady is already looking ahead to Super Bowl title No. 7.

Brady has infamously led the Patriots to a whopping nine appearances in the Super Bowl over the years. With Brady and company claiming six titles in all, there is no doubt that the Patriots will at least remain in contention for years to come — if not capturing a few more rings along the way as well.

Even after what appeared to be a disappointing season in the eyes of New England and their fan base, the 2018-19 campaign came to an end with the Patriots hoisting yet another Lombardi Trophy. Despite the fact that Brady has certainly slowed down a bit as an individual contributor, he has allowed the train to keep chugging along due to his ability to make crucial plays and not turn the football over on a regular basis.