Patriots news: Robert Kraft opens up about benching of Drew Bledsoe
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Patriots owner Robert Kraft opens up about benching of Drew Bledsoe

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft infamously made a change at quarterback that changed the trajectory of both his franchise and the NFL forever. Back in 2001, the Patriots elected to make a switch at the quarterback position with future Hall of Fame signal-caller Tom Brady replacing a veteran in Drew Bledsoe.

Despite the decision being a tough one at the time, everything seemed to work out just fine in New England in the end.

“I was heartbroken because I felt a connection, and I didn’t think it was fair on a human basis,” Kraft recently said, via ESPN’s E:60, via USA TODAY Sports. “Drew came to me and expressed his frustration. I went and met with Bill, and Bill explained to me his thinking. I mean, I could have stepped in especially at that time. I had deep discussions with Bill. I was bothered, but I trusted Bill to make the final decision as he’s more capable than I am. Although, emotionally it was very difficult.”

However, Kraft obviously made the right decision in the end as his Patriots have since become the greatest franchise in the history of football. Six Super Bowl titles and 20 seasons removed from Kraft’s decision to make a change under center, it appears as though the team’s longtime owner still views his decision as a difficult one.

It is also worth noting that for the first time in his NFL career, Brady is gearing up for becoming an unrestricted free agent at 42 years old.