Patriots news: Stephon Gilmore says Zach Ertz does a lot of 'crying' in games
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Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore says Zach Ertz does a lot of ‘crying’ in games

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It wasn’t a pretty win, but the New England Patriots managed to stomp the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to the efforts of their defense. They were instrumental in stopping Carson Wentz and company from getting the touchdowns they need, and one of the defenders who thoroughly enjoyed his job was Stephon Gilmore.

It was caught in the footage that Eagles tight end Zach Ertz was reduced to tears during the game. He was immediately asked about his take on it because he was the man who had to square off with Ertz plenty of times during the game.

Gilmore’s response to his marker crying is one for the ages.

He admitted that the 29-year-old tight end is one of the better tight ends in the NFL. However, the way he pointed out how he cries on film a lot doesn’t give him a good look at the slightest. Gilmore also had other takes about his opponent.

His words say that Ertz has a fragile mental state that can be easily exploitable. But the man who managed two tackles and one pass deflection added that he has the physical gifts to dominate games.

“He’s a tight end. He’s not as fast as some of the guys I cover. If he has a step on me, I can recover real fast. I’ve got to slow myself down a little bit to play him tighter, because I’ve been playing faster guys. So that’s what I did,” Gilmore told reporters, adding that he tried to avoid a physical battle with Ertz, via Patriots Wire’s Henry McKenna. “You’ve got to let him run, because if you fight too physical with him, he’s going to push off. That’s what he’s good at, so you’ve got to be smart.”

One can expect the next matchup between the two players to be equally intense as Ertz will want to get even.