Though the GOAT, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hasn't acted like it in 2019. Throughout the season, he's shown his age (42), errantly missing throws, and sometimes tossing interceptions that he just wouldn't have thrown in the past.

Brady has been on and off the injury report for much of the season. Going into the postseason, the Patriots will need him most. But will he be able to respond with a clean bill of health? It appears so, as he says he's not injured.

“Good. Yeah, I feel good,” Brady said after Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins, via NESN. “I have no problems. So yeah, no problems.”

On Monday, the Patriots superstar backed up his claims of good health, saying on “The Greg Hill Show,” via Mike Reiss of ESPN:

“I don't have any problems. I have no injuries. I've said it a lot. I feel good. There is no injury. No nothing. I wish I would have played better, and that's about it.”

That's that, Brady feels good, or as he tells the public. Knowing the legendary quarterback, he's not going to disclose information on his well-being if he doesn't have to.

No matter if he's healthy or not, Brady won't be able to rest up during a time that the Patriots usually have a bye week. Thanks to Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Patriots will be playing in the wild card round for the first time since 2009. He will match up against the Tennessee Titans, who have a defense that could give him problems.