Tom Brady, for the first time in his NFL career, is set to be an unrestricted free agent. The 42-year-old quarterback could leave the only NFL team he's known, the New England Patriots, in-search of a new contract on a presumably competitive team.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Brady will not limit his free agency choices to just the Patriots. He is expected to discuss moving on with other teams. Here is La Canfora's scoop:

“For the first time in his NFL career, Tom Brady is prepared to discuss a future with teams beyond the New England Patriots, sources said, and for the first time since he took over as a starter nearly two decades ago, the Patriots are unsure of who will be under center in 2020.”

La Canfora's words mimic other reputable NFL insiders who believe that Brady could be looking at a future in the league that doesn't include him playing with the Patriots. He is expected to look at all of his options. Said La Canfora:

“It would be extremely surprising if Brady were to agree to any new pact with the Patriots prior to the start of free agency in March, I'm told, and while his process could still result in a return to New England it is far from certain at this point. Brady intends to take a methodical approach to his first foray into free agency, as, at age 42, this will be the final contract of his playing career.”

Whether or not Brady actually leaves the Patriots remains to be seen.