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Patriots’ Tom Brady praises Rob Gronkowski for ‘huge’ performance in AFC title game

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski

The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl — again — and Tom Brady thinks that Rob Gronkowski, AKA Gronk, played a “huge” role in that.

Brady told the NFL that it was “Gronk” who was responsible for much of the team’s success in the AFC Championship playoffs, the same playoff win that is now taking the Patriots off to the big game.

“Yeah, huge. He caught the fade on Eric (Berry) and then caught the slant. He was playing his butt off. He has done that all year. He is out there, and whatever we ask him to do, he does with enthusiasm about him. He is an incredible teammate and person. The kind of guy he is — I know everyone doesn’t know him personally — but he is just a great man. Just so happy to have been able to play with him for as long as we have.”

Indeed, Rob Gronkowski did his thing on the field last night. He finished the game with six receptions on a team-high 11 targets for 79 yards, including catches of 25 yards and 15 yards on the Patriots’ final two possessions that set up go-ahead touchdowns.

And this has been the same thing throughout the entire season. Yes, Brady is a great quarterback, but without the help of Rob Gronkowski on one end, and Julian Edelman on the other, it’s highly unlikely that Brady would be taking his team to the Super Bowl for the eleventh time.

The Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 3rd, when the Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams.