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Patriots’ Tom Brady speaks out after Super Bowl 54 commercial

Tom Brady, Patriots, Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIV has taken center stage, and the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are the leading stars. However, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady somehow managed to take fans by storm with his Super Bowl ad.

With his future uncertain, streaming company Hulu made the most out of TB12’s free agency situation and used it as fuel for their commercial. The gamble was a success as many people are talking about the ad and Brady’s message of “not going anywhere.”

ESPN NFL Nation’s Mike Reiss got in touch with the six-time Super Bowl champion about his Super Bowl ad and his thoughts on it. Tom Brady said that he’s happy with the result.

“It was pretty fun. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. My daughter loved it. She says to me, ‘Daddy, we’re not going anywhere.’ I thought it was so cute. She gave me a big hug.”

Many Patriots fans are thanking his daughter Vivian for saying those words. Everyone knows that Tom Brady is all about his family, and his daughter’s wishes to stay put is definitely a cute sentiment the entire New England fan base shares with an ardent passion.

However, it’s unlikely that Tom Brady will just let his daughter make the decision for him. He’s serious about entering free agency for the first time in his career. He wants to get the pay that he deserves to get, but his utterly disappointing performance this season may make the Patriots ownership commit a huge amount of money on him. Meanwhile, teams like the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers would be willing to give him a blank check just to get him over.

The Super Bowl ad only prefaces what is going to be an interesting offseason for Tom Brady and the rest of the NFL.