Patriots QB Tom Brady says he’s not using Brandin Cooks enough
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Patriots QB Tom Brady says he’s not using Brandin Cooks enough

Tom Brady, Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady must have a great life. That being said, not everything is perfect for the veteran gunslinger, as he seems relatively unhappy with the usage of receiver Brandin Cooks.

You might remember Brandin Cooks as the electric talent from the New Orleans Saints. Since being acquired by the Patriots, however, the field-stretching receiver has been good, but apparently not as great as he should be. Tom Brady has realize this.

Here is what the signal-caller had to say in regards to Cooks during a recent presser:

“It’s been great,” Brady told reporters. “Yeah, it’s been great. He’s just done such a great job and I just can’t say enough good things about him and his work ethic and his ability and his character and his intensity and his attitude. It’s all positive. He’s just fun to be out there with. I’ve played with a lot of great receivers over the years and he just shows up and does everything you ask him to do.

“I wish I could get him the ball more often. You watch the tape after the game and go ‘Man, I should’ve worked him on that play, should’ve got it to him on that one too.’ He just keeps getting more opportunity because of how well he’s doing with the ones he gets. It’s been a lot of fun.”

This is just what great quarterbacks do. They look at previous film, and even if the numbers indicate things went well, a general sadness sets in over missed opportunities.