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Patriots coach Bill Belichick retiring, Josh McDaniels taking over a possibility

Bill Belichick, Patriots, Josh McDaniels

The New England Patriots are currently battling it out with the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII in order to be back-to-back champions. It would be the sixth title in the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era, but it may also be the last with rumors swirling about the immediate future in New England.

One rumor that persists surrounds Belichick’s future with the team. There’s been a lot of speculation of discord within the organization with Belichick possibly wanting out and now another rumor has surfaced involving his potential retirement and his successor, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

At this time of year, rumors are commonplace in the NFL with so many changes happening within the league. New England isn’t normally at the core of these rumored changes, but this year is different with current Patriots assistants already lined up with head coaching jobs for next season.

McDaniels, the current offensive coordinator for the Patriots, is expected become Chuck Pagano’s successor with the Indianapolis Colts. This has been reported as seemingly a foregone conclusion over the past few weeks in the same way it has been for current Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia becoming the next head coach of the Detriot Lions.

Obviously, taking over for Belichick in New England would be a tough opportunity to pass on with McDaniels alternative being to coach the struggling Colts. The Patriots may remain contenders for a few more years if Brady can stay healthy, but there’s no telling what could happen without Belichick at the helm.

Only time will tell what the future holds for New England if Belichick decides to call it a career after Super Bowl LII. Drastic changes may be on the horizon following the end result of the showdown between the Eagles and Patriots.

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