Patriots rumors: New England to treat Stidham like early-career Brady
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Patriots rumors: New England to treat Jarrett Stidham like early-career Tom Brady

Jarrett Stidham, Patriots

The New England Patriots offense could go back to the same style that was run during Tom Brady’s first couple of years in the league if Jarrett Stidham wins the job. Many believe Stidham has the inside track to the starting job, with Brian Hoyer backing him up.

If that does end up being the case, one NFL executive believes that it will be a run-first team that really leans on the defense to try and have success. The Patriots ran the ball a lot in 2019 but if Stidham does take over, the expectation is they could crack the top five. According to an evaluator who spoke with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Patriots could:

“Protect [Stidham] some with play-actions and the run game, play a more complimentary style … Stidham does have enough skill, the question is all the other things [intangibles].”

Stidham was drafted by the Patriots in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft. As a rookie, he showed some flashes during training camp and the preseason and that has to give Patriots fans hope.

The favorite is Stidham, but there are still some players on the open market who would make a lot of sense for the Patriots to bring in. Cam Newton was released by the Panthers and although Bill Belichick might have to change his offense a bit, if he is healthy he could be a welcome addition to the offense.

It’s to be determined what direction the Patriots will head at the quarterback position. But one thing is sure: It’s going to look a little odd Week 1 when a new starter leads the Patriots onto the field.