Patriots video: Cam Newton says he was 'left to die' in Instagram video
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Patriots’ Cam Newton says he was ‘left to die’ in Instagram video

Cam Newton, Patriots

Cam Newton has begun ramping up the number of workout videos he is posting on his social media after signing with the New England Patriots. In his latest post on Instagram, Newton uttered that he was ‘left to die’.

When the Carolina Panthers hired Matt Rhule as their next head coach, there were some murmurs that Cam Newton could remain in Carolina. However, that quickly changed when free agency began in March.

Instead of retaining Cam Newton, the Panthers proceeded to sign Teddy Bridgewater as his replacement. Then, Carolina would release Newton after he spent nine seasons with the organization.

Once he was released, it was expected that a slew of teams were going to express interest in him. Nevertheless, he never got much interest from any teams and he anxiously waited for a team to take a chance on him.

While he was waiting to find a new place to call home, Cam Newton was working tirelessly to prepare himself for the upcoming season. Just this past season, Newton had to undergo foot surgery after sustaining a Lisfranc injury in Week 2. On the other hand, he underwent shoulder surgery in 2018 and has missed 16 games in the past two seasons.

Finally, after three months of waiting, Cam Newton found himself landing with the Patriots. Seeing that he had to wait three months to sign, Newton appears to be motivated as ever.

Since joining New England, he’s already posted workout videos with Mohamed Sanu and N’Keal Harry. In doing so, he’s attempting to show that all the teams that passed on signing him made a grave mistake.