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Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry doesn’t think playoff structure needs to change

New Orleans Pelicans

As of late, there has been plenty of chatter amongst the NBA community regarding the idea of going to a 1-16 playoff seeding, regardless of teams being in the Western of Eastern conferences.

If you ask New Orleans Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry about the matter, he feels there is no need to make any changes to the current playoff system.

“That gets to be so complicated,” coach Gentry said on Monday, per Nick Friedell of ESPN. “You don’t play a balanced schedule. I don’t know how you can integrate taking the best 16 teams when the schedule is not the same so. I just think it’s really difficult to do. What [the current seeding process] has done is it’s worked over the last 75 years so I think it’s fine.”

The Pelicans surprised many people across the sports world with their dominant sweep over the Western Conference’s No. 3 seed in the Portland Trail Blazers, with New Orleans winning both Game 1 and Game 2 on the road at Moda Center.

Coach Gentry is not bothered at all regarding the traveling his team has to do throughout the playoffs.

“There was a time when the East was so much more dominant than the West so you go through these faces and stuff right now,” Gentry added. “I think we got a great game and I don’t know if we need to tinker with it a whole lot. It’s worked and it’s good. Obviously, we travel a lot because we’re in the West and I jokingly say all the time we’re not even west of the Mississippi. It’s going to be long trips for us but that’s all apart of it. We’re better to be taking long trips now than to be in Cancun.”

Down 1-0 to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals, the Pelicans will look to pull off an upset tomorrow night during Game 2 and even the series up 1-1 heading back to New Orleans.